Syria's Assad attacks Western powers and Arab League

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Syria's Assad attacks Western powers and Arab League

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Syrian president Bashar al-Assad said on Tuesday that his government is the victim of a foreign plot, backed by the West to destabilise the country and force him from power.

In an address in Damascus, Assad repeated his claim that the opposition movement’s 10-month uprising against his rule was being funded by ‘outside forces.”

“The existence of an external conspiracy is obvious to everyone. What has been plotted in the darkness is beginning to come out into the light,” he said.

He also accused the Arab League of failing to protect Arab interests.

“Is the Arab League and are its members really independent? Has it really implemented the decisions it took?” Assad asked. “Did it pull these ideas out of a dusty drawer? Has it only realised a small part of peoples’ aspirations? Or rather, has it directly contributed to the spread of conflict and dissent.”

The Arab League suspended Syria and sent a team of monitors into the country on December 19.

Their goal is to assess whether Assad is abiding by a peace plan that he agreed to last month.