French court clears Kagame

A probe in France has overturned 16 years of pointing the finger of blame at Rwanda’s Tutsi rebels for killing the former president in 1994 and


Pundits weigh Romney's chances

It is New Hampshire primary day but professional candidate-watchers already have their eyes on the next electoral rendezvous – South Carolina. It


A new beginning in Libya

Since the overthrow and death of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, sport, of which certain disciplines were banned in the country, is making a


Syria's Assad defiant

President Bashar al-Assad has dismissed all suggestions he give up power, as bloody upheaval in Syria continues. In a speech at Damascus University


China trade growth slows

China’s exports and imports grew at their slowest pace in more than two years in December as foreign and domestic demand declined. The biggest


Angel art alights in Jerusalem

For centuries angels have captured artists’ imaginations and can be found in Christian, Jewish and Islamic art. A new exhibition at the Israel Museum


Haiti: coping with catastrophe

The reality of Haiti two years on after the cameras have gone. Hundreds of thousands of people remain in camps with no education, no work and little