ANC celebrates its 100th anniversary

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ANC celebrates its 100th anniversary

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Tens of thousands of South Africans have gathered in Bloemfontein to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the African National Congress.

From heads of state to rank and file members, the party faithful came from all over the country to attend a mass rally at the site where the ANC was formed.

For US civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson, the event marks a century of success.

“So at the end of the century, from degradation, you have Nelson Mandela and Mbeki and Zuma, you have Barack Obama,” he said. “A century of parallels to overcome these tremendous odds and whites’ worst fears were never realised: the fear of black retribution. It never happened.”

The ANC remains the dominant force in South African politics but it is facing growing criticism over corruption scandals and its handling of the economy amid claims it could do more to improve the lives of the poor.