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Serbian president's motorcade attacked

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Serbian president's motorcade attacked


The armoured motorcade carrying Serbian President Boris Tadic came under attack as he marked Orthodox Christmas in Kosovo.

A crowd of about 200 Kosovo Albanian protesters hurled stones at at Tadic’s convoy as it was escorted through the western town of Decani.

The 53-year-old leader traditionally visits a 14th century monastery to mark Serbian Orthodox Christmas on Jan 7th.

Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008, has a population that’s 90 percent ethnic Albanian.

Tensions have been rising since the Kosovan government tried to claim a largely lawless part of the north of the country inhabited by minority Serbs.

Kosovo is steeped in Serb history and myth, with several centuries-old Orthodox religious sites.

But Serbia lost control over the territory in 1999 when NATO intervened to halt a civil war.

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