UK: Faulty breast implants don't need removal

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UK: Faulty breast implants don't need removal

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Britain has concluded that there is no need for a routine removal of faulty breast implants for all women.

But officials have confirmed that anyone given free implants on the state-funded National Health Service (NHS) can request to have them removed and replaced for free.

“We’re not recommending the removal of these implants, because there isn’t any specific safety concern that has been identified, of either toxic effects, or certainly of any link to cancer,” said Andrew Lansley, UK Secretary of State for Health.

“What is rather important is not to exaggerate the reasons to be worried, but if women are worried then we will support them,” Lansley added.

Meanwhile Germany has joined France in recommending that all women have their implants removed.

PIP who manufactured the implants went out of business when an investigation revealed that they were making cheap implants with industrial grade silicon which caused them to rupture.

It is estimated that before the firm went bust, around 300,000 were sold worldwide.