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Sarkozy and Monti unite on euro crisis

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Sarkozy and Monti unite on euro crisis


He is trying to reassure European partners that his technocrat government can boost Italy’s ailing economy.

On a visit to Paris, Mario Monti certainly seemed to have won over his host Nicolas Sarkozy ahead of a crucial EU summit at the end of the month.

“Italy and France have a perfectly shared understanding when it comes to Europe’s future and how to solve the crisis of confidence at the heart of the eurozone today,” the French President told a joint news conference.

Aiming to rebuild trust in Italy’s battered public finances, the country’s new premier urged European solidarity.

“At such a sensitive time in the life of the European Union and the eurozone in particular, it is essential that every member does everything necessary to consolidate state budgets and implement reforms in each country,” Monti said.

President Sarkozy also urged European institutions to “do their bit” in facing up to the crisis – understood to mean that the European Central Bank should play a more active role in building market confidence.

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