Paris wants EU law change amid implant scare

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Paris wants EU law change amid implant scare

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Amid a health scare over French-made silicone breast implants, Paris is calling for a beefing up of European rules on medical material.

French health agencies have launched inquiries to see how safeguards can be improved.

Health Minister Xavier Bertrand said: “I want a change in European legislation. Contrary to what happens with medication, where authorisation is required to go on the market, there is none for medical material. We need to have authorisations, especially for those that pose the biggest health risk.”

Some products made by the now-defunct company PIP contain unapproved industrial-grade silicone.

Paris is offering to pay for removal of suspect implants, while the UK is still investigating.

The Czech Republic is also among those recommending removal, and now Colombia and Venezuela are offering to pay for any removals.

Australian officials, however, say they believe women with PIP implants do not face an increased risk of rupture.

Meanwhile, it is reported the founder of PIP admitted to police last year that he knew he was using unapproved silicone, but denied it poses a health risk.