USA: McCain backs Romney, Bachmann backs out

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USA: McCain backs Romney, Bachmann backs out

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He has become the front-runner in the Republican race for the White House, and now he has the endorsement of John McCain.

Mitt Romney stood alongside the Republican party’s 2008 presidential candidate at a rally in New Hampshire, the scene of the next primary in three days’ time.

Romney edged out former senator Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucus contest. He told reporters he will now expect what he calls ‘fast and furious’ attacks from his Republican rivals.

Danny Hayes, Assistant Professor of Government at the American University in Washington said: “I think we’ll see a pretty vigorous competition over the next few weeks between Romney and Santorum. Again…I think the ultimate outcome is going to depend in many ways on whether Santorum can put together a formidable organisation to organise volunteers and to organise voters to turn out the vote in the primary.”

Tea Party favourite Michele Bachmann decided to quit the race after coming in sixth place in the Iowa vote with just five percent of the vote.