Sniper fire in Syria must stop, says Arab League

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Sniper fire in Syria must stop, says Arab League

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Footage had been released which includes the sound of what is thought to be sniper fire as Arab League monitors are mobbed by locals in Hama.

The flashpoint city has been on the receiving end of several military bombardments although the tanks are now reported to have been withdrawn.

But the Arab League is not satisfied and has called for an end to all shootings in Syria.

The League’s Secretary, General Nabil Elaraby, said his monitors think the snipers are still an issue but its not clear who is shooting at whom.

In Damascus video of an anti-President Bashar al Assad rally has been published. The footage is unverified but it implies that resistance to the regime is growing even in the capital.

The release of nearly 3,500 prisoners has done little to appease opposition activists who are calling for Assad to step down.