South Korea urges reconciliation with North

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South Korea urges reconciliation with North

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The South Korean president is calling on North Korea’s new leader to take the opportunity to return to negotiations after the death of his father Kim Jong-il.

President Lee Myung-bak said South Korea would be willing to help the North under the right circumstances: “We hope there will be a turning point to solve North Korea’s nuclear problem this year. As soon as North Korea suspends nuclear activities in progress, six-party talks should be able to resume.”

People in North Korea continue to pay their respects to the former leader Kim Jong-il, two days after his state funeral. Analysts say it is unlikely the policies of the North will change significantly under his son.

At 27, Kim Jong-un is seen as lacking experience, and is already showing signs of ruling the reclusive state in the same manner as his father.

North Korea walked out of talks on nuclear disarmament in 2008 after objecting to what it viewed as intrusive inspections of its atomic facilities.