Hamas leader visits Turkey

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Hamas leader visits Turkey

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Gaza’s Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh is in Turkey on his first official tour outside the blockaded territory.

His talks with Turkey’s premier come as his host’s relations with Israel deteriorate after last year’s raid on a Turkish aid ship.

Nine activists died in the incident when Israeli comandos boarded the Gaza-bound Turkish vessel to prevent it breaching Israel’s blockade of the strip. Haniyeh’s visit is set to include a meeting with the familes of the dead activists.

Tensions persist for Turkey elsewhere as protests in Istanbul continue over Wednesday’s killing of 35 Kurdish civilians in a miss targeted military airstrike.

Turkey’s main pro-Kurdish party, the opposition BDP is calling for the government to be held to account for the strikes which hit a group of Kurdish smugglers and resulted in one of the highest single-day civilian death tolls in Turkey’s decades-old war with Kurdish rebels.