Who gets your vote for Sportsman of the Year?

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Who gets your vote for Sportsman of the Year?

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Where does Kelly Slater feature in your list for Sportsman of 2011?

As the discussions go back in forth in clubs and bars, the arguments about footballers, golfers and others throw in the facts about the 39-year-old American.

He’s a record breaker on the waves, crowned world surfing champion 11 times including 5 consecutive titles from 1994–98.

He is the youngest to clinch the title at just 20 and the oldest now at 39 to hold it.

Superlatives break around this super fit athlete like the waves of the world on which he performs his sport often raising it to an art form.

Its as if the Hawaiian born surfer is one with the water, no challenge is too great, no wave impossible to tame.

Poise, balance, athleticism and an innate feeling for what the wave will do, how the surf will break are all part of his genius.

He plays the guitar, writes sonnets and has appeared in several films. A man of many parts and deserving of the accolade Sportsman of the Year.