Syrian opposition fear failure of Arab mission

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Syrian opposition fear failure of Arab mission

Syrian opposition fear failure of Arab mission
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Syria’s opposition has expressed concerns over the success of the Arab League mission as violence continues to rage across the country.

Some of the latest amateur video available on social networks appears to show more examples of the violent crackdown on anti-government protests.

In Zaid’s Damascus suburb, Douma, protesters carried away a man whose leg had been shredded by what they said were nail bombs.

The Arab League mission has met with strong scepticism from the outset over its makeup, its lack of numbers – due to rise from 60 to 150 – and its reliance on government transport.

Despite the presence of the monitors opposition groups say nearly 30 people were killed on Friday.

However, one member of the observer team did denounce the use of snipers: “We’ve seen it with our own eyes. We want the authorities to remove them immediately. If there’s no response within 24 hours, there will be other measures.”

Despite his comments the observer then appears to be berated by protestors for not doing enough.

The Arab League says a group of Iraqi monitors who were due to arrive on Friday were delayed and will arrive mid-week, along with members from Gulf states.

Arab League Secretary-General Nabil ElAraby said at the outset of the mission that it should take only a week to establish if President Bashar al-Assad was keeping his promises. It would not take a month, he said.

The United Nations estimates more than 5,000 people have been killed across Syria since March.