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North Korea tells the world to expect no change

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North Korea tells the world to expect no change


North Korea has told the world there will be no change in its stance towards South Korea and its allies after the death of Kim Jong-il.

His son Kim Jong-un has been named as the new leader.

The first communication to the outside world came in an uncompromising and forceful statement carried by state media and attributed to the powerful National Defence Committee.

On television a spokeswoman said: “The sea of bloody tears by our people and military will chase the rebellious faction until the end to become the sea of revenge, burning the rebellious faction until nothing is left. The sound of mourning will become the roaring of the sound of gunfire to collapse the puppets’ stronghold.”

There has been a national outpouring of grief in North Korea since Kim Jong-il died earlier this month. A long funeral procession was held two days ago and on Thursday a memorial service ended the official period of mourning.

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