Clean-up starts after storms lash Norway

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Clean-up starts after storms lash Norway

Clean-up starts after storms lash Norway
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Norway has been battered by powerful storms, causing widespread damage and disruption.

Major landslides have swept away everything in their path.

Roads have been closed and thousands of people have been left without power. Phone lines have also been knocked out.

There is a threat of further landslides, forcing residents to evacuate areas at risk.

A clean-up operation is getting underway.

“They talk about a battlefield, but it’s worse than that,” one resident said.

The storms have left many communities cut off.

“We just had to get ourselves to safety. There are so many rocks, big rocks. Strong forces have been at work here,” said another resident.

So far, there are no reports of any deaths.

The storms also cut electricity at a gas processing plant.