Germany's goose runners get rid of festive flab

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Germany's goose runners get rid of festive flab

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Berlin’s annual goose race is no wild goose chase. The aim couldn’t be clearer – to burn Christmas calories!

Goose roast is the traditional December 25 dish for German families. And, as a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips, the best course of action is to get running. The race organiser even dressed as Santa Claus for the occasion!

“During Christmas, you eat a lot, Christmas cookies and so on,” said Marika Nehring, one of the around 280 people taking part. “So you need to do something to look after your figure.”

“After 5 kilometres, I feel great,” added fellow runner Bernd Hubner. “And after the goose roast, it is really relaxing and fun. I know just about everyone here.”

Some of the runners only meet up once a year at the 10 kilometre long festive runaround.

And their reward for getting to the end? A tasty treat which might not be so good for the waistline – sandwiches spread with goose fat!