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Tsunami survivors reunited in Indonesia

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Tsunami survivors reunited in Indonesia


In 2004 Christmas was a time of horror for all those affected by the Asian tsunami, but this year there is joy for one family at least.

Mary Yuranda was just seven when she became separated from her parents, with each thinking the other dead. Now they are together again in her village in Aceh in indonesia.

“I lost two of my daughters. All this time I was wondering where are they? Are they alive? Now one of them has returned. I am so happy,” says her mother Yusinar.

For seven years Mary was forced to beg in the streets by the woman who took her in after the massive tidal wave killed 168,000 people in Indonesia alone, and left countless others homeless, displaced, or abandoned.

Mary remembers little of the immediate aftermath or how she ended up in the streets of Banda Aceh, far from her village of Ujung Barah. But when her protector let her go she remembered enough to ask a taxi driver for help in getting her home.

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