Saleh vows to leave Yemen for the United States

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Saleh vows to leave Yemen for the United States

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Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh on Saturday vowed to leave Yemen shortly for the United States.

Saleh signed a peace deal last month to hand his powers to his deputy after months of protests against his 33-year rule.

Injured in an attack on his residence in June, Saleh denied he would seek medical treatment in the US.

“I will stay several days before coming back. I will quit power but continue in political life as a member of the opposition,” he told a news conference.

Medics in Sanaa said at least eight people were killed when security forces opened fire on a rally in the capital on Saturday.

Anti-government demonstrators took to the streets in February to call on Saleh to step down.

They also want the newly-formed unity government to scrap a promise of immunity for Saleh and his family.

Saleh has long been a close ally of Washington in its fight against Al-Qaeda in the region.