Rare concessions made in wake of China unrest

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Rare concessions made in wake of China unrest

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Chinese government officials have reportedly agreed to suspend the construction of a power plant, after thousands of angry residents took part in a protest.

Demonstrators surrounded a government building and blocked a road in the town of Haimen in Guangdong province.

Online accounts say two people died during clashes with police. A Chinese official has denied the claims.

Meanwhile, a separate protest over seized farmland and the death of an activist in police custody has ended in Wukan village, also in Guandong province.

Senior leaders, in a rare move, have pledged to make concessions.

“We’ll never forget how much local officials have hurt us,” one villager said. “We believe, however, in the leader of our provincial government.”

As residents pull down their protest banners in Wukan, they are warning that if the government does not keep to its word, they will demonstrate again.

China’s leaders will be wanting to quell the anger, knowing that action on a local level may well turn into broader and more persistent challenges to their power.