Belgian attack memorial march

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Belgian attack memorial march

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Around a thousand people gathered in Saint Lambert Square in the Belgian town of Liege on Saturday to march in memory of the victims of Tuesday’s attack.

In it, 33-year-old Nordine Amrani threw grenades and fired on a queue at a bus stop before apparently killing himself.

Among the four victims were a 75-year-old woman and a 17-month-old baby.

“I was right here with my friend before it happened,” says this woman. “I’m very lucky compared to others. I put myself in the parents’ shoes and I find this very sad.”

The march had prompted controversy when it was discovered the organiser had links to the far right, but it passed without incident.

Those gathered made their way from the square to the Saint Joseph Hospital where 20 people are still being treated for injuries.

A few hours earlier, the funeral of of baby Gabriel had taken place.