Video surfaces of imprisoned Tymoshenko

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Video surfaces of imprisoned Tymoshenko

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A political storm has broken out in Ukraine after a video showing jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko surfaced on social networking sites after being aired on television channels.

Tymoshenko is seen lying in her prison bed angrily protesting over being filmed against her will.

The video clip was one of two aired with the apparent aim of showing the charasmatic politician being well-treated and living in good conditions.

“Obviously they are humiliating Tymoshenko all the time during her stay in prison,” said

Segiy Vlasenko from Tymoshenko’s Defence Team.

“They do not give medical treatment, they are filming her in who knows what angles in some specially prepared set.”

Supporters of the former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko clashed with security forces at the start of her appeal hearing on Tuesday.

Her imprisonment in October for abuse of office has damaged relations between Ukraine and the EU, which is trying to save an agreement for a new strategic relationship with Ukraine.

Tymoshenko has accused President Viktor Yanukovichof for pursuing a vendetta against her.