What made Belgian gunman go on rampage?

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What made Belgian gunman go on rampage?

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What made a lone gunman go on a bloody rampage? And how could a man jailed for arms and drugs offences get his hands on deadly weapons?

They are just some of the questions many Belgians are asking today about 33-year-old Nordine Amrani, the man who killed four people and injured more than 100 others before turning his gun on himself.

More details of his arsenal are emerging. The prosecutor in Liege says he was well-armed and could have continued the massacre.

“No more grenades have been found but he was carrying much more ammunition for his guns. I don’t have his medical report. An inquiry will be carried out but his mental health has never been questioned,” Daniele Reynders told reporters.

It has also emerged that he shot dead a cleaning woman in a garage before embarking on his killing spree. Her body was found on Wednesday morning. It is unclear whether she worked for Amrani.

His motives remain unknown but he was reportedly facing an alleged sexual offence.

One of his neighbours said: “He was very well-known. I was not aware of any arms trafficking but everyone knew he dealt cannabis.”

Amrani was released early from jail in October last year after serving half of a five-year sentence for illegal arms possession and drug dealing. It is likely we may never know why a small-time criminal turned into a multiple killer.