Political obstruction to Monti's austerity plans

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Political obstruction to Monti's austerity plans

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Despite Mario Monti’s popularity remaining high there are signs of opposition and political obstruction.

His speech to Italy’s upper house of parliament was interrupted by jeers from the Northern League Party on Wednesday.

The party – which was ex-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition partner under the previous administration – held aloft placards which read “Hands Off Pensions!”

They are against the majority of his proposals including the pension reforms.

Susanna Camusso, leader of the CGIL union said:

“An individual anger is growing. This anger needs to be interpreted and well-read, because it stems from people’s real conditions and adds to growing tensions in the work sphere, we see ever risk of a social explosion.”

Monti is dependent on broad cross-party support from left to right in parliament and politicians have pressured him to make changes to his austerity plan to protect their supporters.

He acknowledged that higher taxes amd spending cuts would have an impact on growth, but falling interest on Italy’s debt would have an anti-recessionary effect.