Liege gunman killed woman before city centre attack

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Liege gunman killed woman before city centre attack

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As Belgium comes to terms with Tuesday’s deadly attack in Liege, prosecutors say the gunman shot dead a woman at a separate location before opening fire on Christmas shoppers in the city centre.

A woman’s body was discovered at a warehouse used by Nordine Amrani, who killed three people, including a baby, in a gun and grenade attack before shooting himself. The scale of the tragedy has stunned the city.

One man who witnessed the assault said: “At first we didn’t know if there was one, two, three, four, five (attackers). I went to look for my mother who was trapped in a cafe. Finally, we knew it was just one. Anyway, it’s just incomprehensible.”

Another young man said: “I’m as shocked as everybody. It’s so bad. A human being shouldn’t do that.”

Mobile phone video images give some idea of the horror that unfolded. Apart from those killed some 125 people were injured in the attack, several of whom are in a critical condition.

Investigators are still trying to establish the exact circumstances and the motive. Amrani had previous convictions for drugs and possesion of weapons offences, but had no apparent history of violent crime.