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Des Vents Contraires


Des Vents Contraires

Des Vents Contraires is a new film staring Audrey Tatou of Amelie fame. It tells the story of a man whose wife disappears leaving him and their two children to cope alone. Euronews went to a preview screening in Lyon France, and met the director and the two leading male actors, who were there to promote the film.

Benoît Magimel, who plays the hero, Paul, said: “It’s a story about initiation. He becomes a father, a man, a writer. I think at the beginning the hero wasn’t fully in his life, he was a bit of a spectator, even with his wife. As he says, if he had a second chance he’d like to love her better, he’d like to be a better man. And I think he does become a better man by the end of the film. It’s thanks to this meeting – like Jalil says – often it’s true that in difficult times it’s better to turn to others rather than turn inwards and worry.”

After his wife disappears, the husband moves to the seaside and gets back in contact with his estranged brother, played by Antoine Duléry, who said: “Some directors, not all but some, don’t have much imagination. When you’re directed by an actor like Jalil Lespert, well, he knows actors, and he knows we can often do other things. That’s why he employed us, that’s why I thank him, because he knows. He’s in the game so he knows what we’re made of, what kind of wood we’re carved from.”

This is the second film that Jalil Lespert has directed. As an actor he won a most-promising-actor Cesar in 2001. He says that having been an actor himself, he leaves room for improvisation on set. He said “We do improvise at certain points. I mean overall, I start from the viewpoint that we need a structure in order to improvise. It’s a bit like in jazz, you don’t just improvise on the spot just by blowing down a saxo, you have to know the music first – the minute things are structured you have to let them go a bit and in the end, that’s what the camera sees.”

“Des Vents Contraires” is on French screens now.

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