German police arrest another neo-Nazi suspect

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German police arrest another neo-Nazi suspect

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A special police squad in Germany has arrested another person in connection with a neo-Nazi terror cell.

A 36-year-old man was detained in the eastern state of Saxony on suspicion of assisting members of the group in several murders. Three other flats in the area have also been searched.

Investigators believe the cell – which called itself the “Nationalist Socialist Underground” – has killed nine Turkish and Greek immigrants and a policewoman since the year 2000.

Police recovered numerous weapons from an apartment they say was being used by the NSU. Several other people suspected of having links to the group are already in custody.

The case has renewed debate about banning the far-right National Democratic Party. Although the NPD has condemned the murders it has been described by Germany’s intelligence service as racist and anti-semitic.

But German media claims there are more than 130 informants in the party whose cover could be exposed if the NPD were to be outlawed.