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Spanish royal regret over fraud inquiry

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Spanish royal regret over fraud inquiry


The son-in-law of King Juan Carlos of Spain says he regrets embarrassing the royal family over a fraud investigation into his business affairs.

Iñaki Urdangarin, a former Olympic handball player, became the Duke of Palma after marrying the king’s daughter, the Infanta Cristina.

Police have raided his companies’ offices over suspicions that millions of euros of public money may have been misused.

A non-profit institute he founded won multi-million euro contracts to stage events for regional governments.

Prosecutors say there is evidence it was a front to siphon off money to his private companies.

Urdangarin, who now works in Washington, says he’s innocent but regrets the pain he’s caused to the monarchy. The affair comes at a time when opinion polls suggest the royal family has been losing support among ordinary Spaniards.

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