Gala ceremony for Nobel science and literature laureates

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Gala ceremony for Nobel science and literature laureates

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Nobel laureates in science, medicine and literature have received their prizes from Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf at a gala ceremony in Stockholm.

They include the physics prize, awarded to three US-born scientists for discovering that the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace.

An exception was made when Claudia Steinman accepted one of three Nobel prizes for medicine on behalf of her late husband. Canadian-born Ralph Steinman died of cancer three days before the award was announced in October.

As a rule, Nobel prizes are not awarded posthumously, but the jury was not aware of Steinman’s death at the time.

In line with tradition, the ceremony was followed by a banquet in the presence of the Swedish royal family and 1400 guests.

The event happens on the anniversary of the death in 1896 of the founder of the prize, Alfred Nobel.

Nowadays the award is worth a gold medal, a diploma and over a million euros – a sum shared when there is more than one winner.

This prestigious event came on the heels of another earlier in the day in the Norwegian capital Oslo, when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to three women including the Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.