Girls go green in the Amazon

The Amazon Green Tree Raid is the only adventure raid in the world reserved exclusively for women and the tenth edition of the gruelling race took


Euro crisis: No big bazooka

European leaders have made new big efforts during the last few days to tackle the debt crisis. There was the EU summit in Brussels and, of course


20 years after the USSR

The fall of the Soviet Union resulted in huge changes – in all aspects of life. Education changed, and the education systems in the former Soviet


Portugal's recession deepens

Portugal’s economy is in an even worse state than was previously thought. The latest revised statistics show GDP shrank by 0.6 percent between


Summit boosts ECB's role

The role of the European Central Bank is key to curbing the threat from the debt crisis. To keep some eurozone countries’ borrowing costs from


Lyon in lights

The Fete des Lumieres in Lyon, France, has turned the city into a magical wonderland. Nearly three million visitors are expected to visit the 70


Croatia to join EU in 2013

Croatia is set to become the 28th member of the European union in July 2013. The ex-Yugoslav state was rewarded with the membership following deep


Summit outcome sparks rally

After a bit of uncertainty earlier in Friday’s session, the financial markets decided they did like the fact that a majority of European leaders have