US says Syrian leader has lost all credibility

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US says Syrian leader has lost all credibility

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Critics of Syrian President Bashar al Assad have described his interview on US television as “unconvincing” after he denied killing peaceful protesters in his country.

Despite the violent images filling the internet he said, “only a crazy leader kills his own people.”

Assad is on a PR offensive to convince the world he has not ordered the army to fire on civilians.

During the interview he was asked if the crackdown was without his permission?

President Assad answered: “No there is a difference between having a policy to crackdown and between having some mistakes committed by some officials. There’s a big difference.”

The US State Department has given its own analysis of the interview, describing Assad as having lost all credibility and that he should step down.

Mark Toner who is a US State Department spokesman said:“either (the interview) says that he has lost any power that he had within Syria, that he’s either a tool or he’s completely disconnected with reality.”

The latest video posted on the internet purports to be a funeral in Homs. The United Nations claims around 4000 people so far have died in the unrest – locals who brave the tanks and the snipers are calling for UN intervention.