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Russian election result protests spread

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Russian election result protests spread


The Russian general election may be over but anger about the outcome rumbles on. Opponents of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, whose United Russia party won the vote, have promised more street protests over what they believe was a rigged election.

Large numbers of them were arrested, including a high-profile anti-government blogger, after police deemed illegal their rally in the centre of Moscow.

Allegations of voting fraud have come from several opposition parties, though this has been denied by Russian authorities. In response supporters of Putin have also taken to the streets, in what was a smaller, if better organised event.

The prime ministers’s spokesman has made clear police will prevent protesters staging rallies without official permission.

United Russia retained power, but with a much reduced majority. Putin responded to the setback and demonstrations by promising to reshuffle the government next year. But his opponents’ anger shows no sign of diminishing.

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