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Greenpeace raid on French nuclear plants ends

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Greenpeace raid on French nuclear plants ends


Two more Greenpeace activists have been arrested by the French authorities after breaking into the grounds of a nuclear reactor in the southern town of Cruas.

The men were the last of 11 to be discovered as part of a stunt staged by the environmentalists aimed at exposing the vulnerability of several French nuclear sites.

Head of Greenpeace policy, Karine Gavand said it had been all too easy to break into the installations: “ The French are not prepared for a terrorist attack because it is considered that these risks are too low to be taken into consideration so they are ignored.”

At another site near Paris nine activists filmed themselves slipping past security in a dawn raid.

Nuclear energy has become a major issue in France in the 2012 presidential campaign. The country has been debating its safety since the Fukushima disaster in Japan.

A much embarrassed French government has said although at no time were activists able to enter highly protected areas, lessons will be learned and an investigation launched.

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