Rallies in Moscow on day after elections

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Rallies in Moscow on day after elections

Rallies in Moscow on day after elections
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Several thousand protesters gathered in central Moscow calling for the end to Putin’s rule.

They claim that Sundays election was fraudulent, and it is now time for the man who has dominated Russian politics for over a decade to go.

Prominent Russian Blogger Alexei Navalny questioned what Putin had achieved for the country:

“What has Putin done with all this time (in office)?” He said. “He had a colossal mandate of trust. They controlled the Duma, they had support and they had high oil prices.”

“Now we look back and realise that we didn’t get anything – no reform of the police or the army, and no fight against corruption”


Demonstrators clashed with police when they tried to move from the boulevard where they had permission to rally, to a major street in the city centre.

It’s reported that at least 30 were arrested.

At the same time many thousands from the pro-Kremlin youth group, Nashi, also gathered in Moscow city centre.

Waving flags and praising its leaders, they were apparently attempting to raise the spirits of United Russia, following its poor show in the election.