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Medvedev: 'Elections were fair, just and democratic'


Medvedev: 'Elections were fair, just and democratic'

OKMedvedev: ‘Elections were fair, just and democratic’
President Dmitry Medvedev, met with members of United Russia following election results showing a huge drop in support for the party.
Some say that this is a sign of a growing weariness for Putin who leads the party, but Medvedev seemed content with the result and said it is a sign of successful democracy in Russia: “United Russia got exactly what it has, not more, nor less. The elections were absolutely fair, just and democratic. It got as much as various sociological agencies had estimated. Therefore all those talks of unbridled use of administrative levers… where are those levers?”
United Russia came away with the most votes at 49.5 percent, however this is a huge fall from the 64 percent they won in the 2007 election.
The competition were far behind with the Communist party getting just 19.16 percent of the vote, and A Fair Russia and the Liberal Democratic Party getting 13.22 percent and 11.66 percent respectively.
Parliament will be made up of only these parties as others failed to reach the 5-7 percent threshold required to be represented in parliament.
Despite the poor result for United Russia, Communist Party leader, Gennady Zyuganov, still accused Putin’s party of abuses saying: “We are investigating all the facts of violations, we will announce the results by each region. At the same time, we called on all our comrades to stand up and defend our votes. We will stand up for it in the street and legally too.”
The central election commission said United Russia, with 238 seats in the 450-member lower house, will hold just a slim majority.
Putin emphasised that even with just 226 seats, they would have a simple majority, enough to pass most legislation, and he suggested it was enough to maintain the stability he says he created in Russia.


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