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Yemen PM warns power deal at risk amid fresh violence

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Yemen PM warns power deal at risk amid fresh violence


More fatal clashes have been reported in Yemen’s second largest city of Taiz – the scene of a surge of unrest in recent days.

The latest violence is said to have killed at least three soldiers and five civilians, three of them reportedly shot by government troops.

Earlier, witnesses said soldiers loyal to President Saleh shelled some Taiz neighbourhoods.

A week-old pact – under which Saleh is supposed to cede power – has failed to halt anti-government protests, such as one that took place on Friday in the capital Sanaa.

Now there are warnings that the deal might unravel if the bloodshed continues.

Mohammed Basindwa, the head of a new government set up under the pact with opposition parties, claimed the violence is an “intentional act” to wreck the agreement.

There are fears that several conflicts in the region may increase al Qaeda’s influence near Red Sea shipping routes and on Saudi Arabia’s doorstep.

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