Yemen's unity government hangs in the balance

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Yemen's unity government hangs in the balance

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Twenty-one people, including a young girl, have been confirmed dead as fighting in south Yemen continues.

Meanwhile, the transfer of power between the country’s outgoing leader and its interim prime minister endures. The head of the new government, meant to prevent civil war, has said the violence could unravel their vital political agreement.

Many families have been evacuated from the hotbed city of Taiz as street battles rage on.

Opponents of Ali Abdullah Saleh now fear the deal to ease the President from power will be stalled as the fate of the country hangs in the balance.

One anti-Saleh demonstrator said:

“What is happening in Taiz is not strange at all. Every time an agreement is signed with Saleh, he betrays it before the ink dries. He has been lying for 33 years.”

Supporters, however, oppose the changes which could see Saleh become the fourth Arab autocrat leader to be toppled this year.

Under the current deal President Abdullah Saleh would receive immunity from any prosecution.