Femen vs Euro2012

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Femen vs Euro2012

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A visually interesting protest took place in Kiev on Friday just hours ahead of the UEFA euro2012 draw.

Fears that the month-long tournament will cause a dramatic increase in prostitution and the exploitation of women have sparked a series of protest in the build up to the event.

The feminist group Femen, known for staging topless demonstrations, were out in force once again to highlight their concerns.

One protestor said “Today we want to make football fans and (UEFA President) Michel Platini forget about playing with balls. Because now we must be aware and remember about the social problems of Ukraine, about the fact that Ukraine will become a euro-brothel during the tournament.”’

Femen’s provocative style of protest has seen many targets in recent months.

Last month a similar demonstration during the opening of Kiev’s Olympic stadium which will host the Euro2012 final.