Muslim Brotherhood claims lead in Egypt poll

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Muslim Brotherhood claims lead in Egypt poll

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Counting is still underway, but Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood party says its alliance is out in front in the country’s first free election since 1952.

Results from the first round of the ballot, which is being spread out over six weeks, are expected on Thursday.

Muslim Brotherhood is hoping for a strong parliamentary presence to take on the authority of ruling army generals.

Violence broke out in Cairo’s Tahrir Square when polls closed on Tuesday, with protesters calling on the military to step aside immediately.

At least 80 people were hurt.

Despite pressure to allow total civilian rule, the military council is insisting it will retain overall powers to choose or dismiss a cabinet.

Clashes between protesters and police last week left 42 people dead and more than 100 hurt.

Some demonstrators are vowing to stay in Tahrir Square until the army gives up power.