Russia opens new missile warning station

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Russia opens new missile warning station

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In a move designed to put pressure on the US, Russia has opened a new missile, early-warning radar station.

President Dmitry Medvedev ordered the system to be activated.

It comes in response to America’s plans for a European missile shield, which Russia claims would pose a threat to its security.

Referring to the US plans, President Medvedev said:

“When we are told this is not against us, I would like to say the following: dear friends, the radar station that has started working today is not against you either.”

The US wants a European anti-missile shield in place by 2020, claiming it is needed to counter a growing threat from Iran.

But Moscow thinks it could be used to shoot down the nuclear missiles it has relied on for security since the Cold War.

Russia says the new radar station opened in Kaliningrad, Russia’s westernmost point, shows its determination to build up capabilities if the US and NATO push ahead with the plans.

President Medvedev has already threatened to deploy missiles in Russia, aimed at US missile defence sites in Europe.