DR Congo ballot marred by arson and violence

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DR Congo ballot marred by arson and violence

DR Congo ballot marred by arson and violence
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Arson attacks and deadly shootings have marred elections in DR Congo, as the country awaits the results.

Hopes had been high for this second post-war ballot, but there are fears the country could now face a period of instability.

At least three people were shot dead during an attack on one polling station.

And the main challenger to President Joseph Kabila had to change his voting venue after being blocked by the police.

One man said: “It’s generalised fraud! These elections have no credibility.”

At least three polling stations were burnt down and EU observers had to pull out of some areas because of concerns about security.

John Stremlau from the Carter Center said: “We are hoping that the country gets through this. We are hoping that it stays peaceful and we are hoping that the candidates accept the results.”

As the counting of votes gets underway, complaints continue to emerge about a shortage of voting materials and allegations of fraud.

The first results are due on December 6.

President Kabila has been tipped as the favourite to win.