Anti-corruption campaign underway, as Egyptians go to the polls

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Anti-corruption campaign underway, as Egyptians go to the polls

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Ballot boxes have been sealed after the final day of voting in the first stage of Egypt’s parliamentary polls.

Turnout has been “massive” and “unexpected” according to the country’s election commission.

The election, to choose a new lower house of parliament, will be staggered over six weeks.

Egypt’s military generals did not field any candidates, but they will be hoping the election will calm the recent protests against them.

One internet campaign group is helping to steer Egypt away from the remains of Hosni Mubarak’s regime, by naming and shaming former members.

“We launched this campaign to stop the former members of the Mubarak regime, to stop them getting a place in parliament. We wanted to raise awareness,” said Ahmed Fald, site director for

The group claims to have tracked down individuals across the country.

Many Egyptians want to put the politics of the past firmly behind them.

“The former members of the regime, who worked for the Mubarak party, have corrupted political life for 30 years,” said one man.

“Those who didn’t take part in the revolution don’t have a place in Egyptian political life,” a woman added.

Those voting are a new generation, using social media to report their experiences and to join the campaign to root out anyone suspected of being involved in past corruption.

“The revolutionaries who are in Tahrir Square and those using websites and social media, they are ready to reveal the names of former regime members,” said euronews reporter Aissa Boukanoun, speaking from Egypt.