Two NATO troops injured in Kosovo border clashes

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Two NATO troops injured in Kosovo border clashes

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Kosovar Serbs shot and wounded two NATO peacekeepers in clashes in northern Kosovo, the military alliance said on Monday.

A spokesman for KFOR, NATO’s peacekeeping force, said protesters used small firearms when troops tried to seize control of a roadblock near Jagnjenica.

An estimated 60,000 Serbs living in northern Kosovo do not recognise its independence or its efforts to control the border with Serbia.

They have been protesting since July over the Pristina government’s deployment of customs and border officials to the region. Last week, 21 NATO peacekeepers were injured in similar clashes.

Kosovar Serbs pledge their allegiance to Serbia, which refuses to recognise Kosovo. But the EU has told Belgrade to make progress on the territorial dispute if it wants to be considered for membership of the 27 member bloc.