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One dead in latest Cairo clashes, say reports

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One dead in latest Cairo clashes, say reports


Renewed clashes between police and protesters in Cairo have reportedly left at least one person dead.

Trouble flared not in Tahrir Square but near the cabinet office where activists had camped out to prevent Egypt’s new prime minister-designate from entering.

When riot police arrived to remove them, violence erupted, echoing scenes from a week in which more that 40 lives have been lost. A number of people were injured.

The demonstrators reject the army’s choice of Kamal Ganzouri to form a new government, despite his pleas to be given a chance. The 78-year-old served as prime minister under ousted President Hosni Mubarak. Activists, urging a swift end to military rule, say he is just another face from the past.

The army has made some compromises. But despite the protests and just two days before a parliamentary election, Egypt’s generals show no sign of giving way to demands for them to quit now.

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