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German police and protesters clash over 'nuclear train'

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German police and protesters clash over 'nuclear train'


Anti-nuclear protesters in Germany have been continuing their attempts to disrupt the journey of a train carrying radioactive waste.

Police in riot gear removed demonstrators from tracks as the train approached the town of Hassloch.

The locomotive is en route to a storage facility at Gorleben in northeast Germany and is carrying around 150 tonnes of reprocessed nuclear waste from a plant in Normandy, France.

Later in the early hours of Saturday morning, there were clashes at a camp in Metzingen close to the train’s final destination. Police used a water cannon in an attempt to disperse the protesters.

German and French anti-nuclear campaigners have been trying to disrupt the train’s journey since it left Normandy on Wednesday.

The cargo is the last of 12 shipments of radioactive waste to be processed in France and transferred to Germany.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has decided to close all the country’s nuclear plants by 2022.

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