Egypt divided as protests continue

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Egypt divided as protests continue

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Violent clashes broke out in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria on Friday night as protests continued there and in the capital, Cairo.

The trouble started as night fell and some protesters started throwing stones at police guarding Alexandria’s main security building.

Security forces responded with tear gas and armoured cars in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

It is not yet known how many people have been injured.

The largest demonstration – up to 100,000 people it is claimed – was in Tahrir Square in Cairo and is still going on. So far it has remained peaceful after the violence of recent days which saw up to 40 people lose their lives.

Supporters of the ruling military council have also been on the streets. Thousands gathered in a northern district of the capital. One said:

“I want to tell the protesters in Tahrir Square that we are all Egyptians. And the army and the police – they are the ones protecting the Egyptians.”

Opinion may have been further divided by the army’s choice of an ex-prime minister from the Mubarak era as an interim political leader.

Kamal Ganzouri will attempt to form a new government after elections, starting on Monday.