Anti nuclear demonstrators protest in northern Germany

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Anti nuclear demonstrators protest in northern Germany

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In northern Germany demonstrators have been trying to halt the progress of a train carrying nuclear waste.

Police have been forced to clear the rail tracks from an area just outside Dannenberg, the train’s destination.

The four day journey which started in Normandy in France has been marked by activists aiming to slow the train which is carrying 150 tonnes of reprocessed nuclear waste.

There have been clashes between riot police and demonstrators which have caused delays.

Organisers claim up to 20,000 are set to protest in Dannenberg. The number though is expected to be much less than last year when Germany was at the height of a debate over nuclear power in the country.

In June, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government agreed to halt all German reactors by 2022, forcing energy suppliers to close the plants.

The 11 containers of nuclear waste will be unoaded at Dannenberg and taken to nearby Gorleben, where the waste will be stored.

Environmentalists say that the nuclear radiation in the Gorleben zone exceeds the authorised levels.