Protesters unhappy at Ganzouri appointment

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Protesters unhappy at Ganzouri appointment

Protesters unhappy at Ganzouri appointment
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Early in the morning thousands of protesters arrived for the “last chance Friday” protest in Tahrir Square.

They were surprised by the appointment of Ganzouri as Prime Minister, and want to be sure the elections will still go ahead on November the 28th.

Even though he’s respected, Kamal Ganzouri’s appointment has proved to be a divisive issue. Euronew’s correspondent in Egypt asked those at the square for their thoughts on the appointment.

Ahmad Ibrahim, member of the National Foundation for Change:

“The military council has no right to choose the Prime minister” said this man “it is we who choose the Prime Minister and we have the power of the people and the strength of citizens in Tahrir Square”

Dr. Seif Eddine Abdulfattah, Science Professor at Cairo University:

“What was allowed at the time of Mubarak is no longer allowed at the time of the revolution.

We will never accept someone that is forced upon us. We want a Prime Minister who represents Tahrir Square “

Samah Saed, Member of the 6th of April movement:

Everyone in Tahrir Square says no, and I accept the voice of the majority”

The military council has tried to calm down the protests by designating Kamal Ganzouri as Prime Minister, but the Tahrir Square movement seems to refuse this appointment and demands the departure of the military ruler Hussein Tantawi.