No delay to elections, say Egypt's military rulers

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No delay to elections, say Egypt's military rulers

No delay to elections, say Egypt's military rulers
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Egypt’s military council insists parliamentary elections will go ahead on Monday despite a recent police crackdown on protesters that has left at least 40 people dead.

Clerics brokered a truce between police and demonstrators on Thursday after nearly five days of street battles.

The army insists that it will not bow to the protesters’ central demand that it leaves power at once and be replaced by an interim civilian government.

Major General Mukhtar el-Mallah, a member of military council, said to do so would be a “betrayal” of the Egyptian people.

“When you take part in a protest you hinder daily life. Is this what we need now? Is this how we can achieve the goal of establishing constitutional institutions?,” he asked.

“No. So let us focus on the coming elections which will start in a couple of days, on the 28th of November.”

El-Mallah said that the demonstrations were not reflective of public opnion.

Officers have using been tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds, although medics and protesters say live rounds are also being used.

There have also been reports of activists being beaten in police custody.

The unrest broke out on Saturday as Egyptians took to the streets to demand a quicker transfer to civilian rule.