Disney in ice

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Disney in ice

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In Bruge, in Belgium, international artists are putting the finishing touches to a series of ice sculptures, and all of them are Disney characters. The Disney theme celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Disneyland park in Paris.

Alexander Deman, the organizer of Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges said: “We have been working for five weeks with 29 international artists from 11 different nationalities. We transformed not less than 400 tones of ice, or 22 trucks full loads of ice, into 90 Disney characters.”

In order to stop the sculptures melting, the exhibition is kept at -10 degrees Celsius.

Canadian artist Marc Lepire has traveled around the world sculpting sand, ice, and wood. He said: “Ice is alive because when it’s very cold, it’s still very hard but when it melts after, it’s melting slowly and you can see that. It’s very cool because next year I can come back here again and do again in the same place, another thing. Ice is perfect.”

The Ice Sculpture Festival, which is celebrating its tenth birthday this year, is hoping to attract around 200,000 visitors.

The exhibition runs until 15th January.

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