Cairo protests: a view from the streets

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Cairo protests: a view from the streets

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Euronews has been on the streets of Cairo to hear a mix of opinions from Egyptians.

Our correspondent Valerie Gauriat spoke with local people get their views on the latest wave of unrest.

One elderly man dismissed the protesters as “unemployed youngsters with nothing better to do.”

“They are thugs,” he said. “Tomorrow, we won’t have enough money to buy bread.”

“These people aren’t Egyptians. Someone paid them to do this,” claimed one woman. “Some of them are good I’m sure, but most are Salafists and left-wingers.”

But those protesting on Tahrir Square rejected that description of the movement, insisting it was purely peaceful.

“We are not terrorists or like they say about us. We are respectful persons,” said one demonstrator.

Our correspondent explains that the movement draws support from varying parts of Egyptian society — liberals, communists, Nasserists — but she adds many fear it has failed to win the support of Egypt’s more progressive forces.